Light of Truth

Looking at that light
Imagined that Moment
of the beginning….
Before the birth of Light, Matter & Time
Void space shrouded with darkness
That moment of the timeless dimension
When became the dimension of time,
The illusory reality
Superseded with conscious reality.
That moment of expansion
From singularity to the plurality
The truth of randomness
Gave birth to, the truth of pattern.
From that darkness of nothingness
The nothingness of darkness
Came the Light.
Clearing darkness
Emitting the light of hope
Hope of a new beginning
There began
The Cosmos
There began
The life, finely tuned to live on
And began
The beginning of everything….
Imagining that Light
Realizing with awe
That Light of Enlightenment
The light Of the Universe
The light, that called Truth ……
©Draven Reign

5 thoughts on “Light of Truth

    • Draven Reign says:

      It was Diana. Being not even a speck of dust in this vast wonder of existence, we somehow are the known intelligent being who is having the capabilities to explore and understand this cosmos. And when I saw that light, it occurred in my mind, how the Light has changed this possibilities of existence. And that was truly inspiring. Thank you again

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