A strange silence from the crowd
Refraining from any form of lunacy
Speaking volumes to the critical minds.
Bona fide fictions
Drawing the veil of truth
On concocted facts
Scrabbling down
The red ink of reality.
Convoluted facts
Persecuted the reality of perception
Shunning the paralytic truth.
The calmness of cheer
Pleasuring the ear of divisive words
Sounding a great calamity of hatred
Creating a pleasurable soft perception of unrealistic truth
Softly killing the hard truth
With a tinge of the joy of lunacy.
Fainting truth
Cries from the quagmire of unrealistic perception.
The puerile quagmire of fiction
Will not stop
Till the crowd dies.
Today truth is being castigated
To the outskirt of imbecility
Tomorrow is your day.
The Truth will resurrect again.
The graveyard of perception
will be fossilized by its own fictional concoction
Bringing the cadaver of truth to life.
The truth will rise again
Wisdom will sing again
Life will ring again
A renewed song of life
The Song of Truth
Only The Truth.
©Draven Reign
Featured Image Picture Credit:- Kenneth Copeland Ministries Australia
Picture 2 Credit:- LinkedIn

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