Let’s Kill Mahatma

I am prepared to die, but there is no cause for which I am prepared to kill.
                                                                                                      Mahatma Gandhi

Let’s kill Mahatma

couldn’t be killed by Britishers
couldn’t be stopped by Ambedkar
Let’s kill him
Because he is Mahatma for Tagore,
cunning Bania for Ambedkar,
and half-naked fakir for Churchill.
He shouldn’t live.
How dare he preach non-violence,
lead the freedom struggle!
and made the partition peaceful in Bengal,
Who is he
to declare shudra’s to be Harijan,
and preach to us equality!
How can he preach us to be truthful, merciful,
and ask the rich to distribute their wealth!
How dare he, ask us to sacrifice
even at the face of death!
He deserves to die.
So what if Britishers couldn’t even force or kill him!
and the continuous protest through fasting
couldn’t make him die!
We are Indian, we can kill him
We have helped in the killing of
Rani Laxmi Bai and Prithviraj Chouhan.
Because of us, Britishers could rule us,
Muslim invasion could happen.
Then who is this Mahatma to stop us?
Let’s kill him
Let’s kill the idea of Mahatma forever
Because there shouldn’t be truth & mercy
There shouldn’t be peace and resistance
against oppression
There should be only
Jaichand, Ganpat Rao, & Mir Jafar
For that
Let’s kill Mahatma…
©Draven Reign

Just One Day

It’s just one day
Still, heart searches you
The unfair game of uncertainty
Played its cruel joke.
And now I am longing.
Without being in the game
I felt as if I could have own.
I may not have.
But the hope and heart
Still says
This is just one day
In many
Will, you wait,
Is this just one day?
©Draven Reign
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Beneath the woods

Under the starry sky

I meet a girl singing a lullaby

Color like smooth gold

Hair like dark soul

Her voice sounds magical

Words seem mystical

The strangeness in her voice

Stokes me for a while

Is this my Mom’s voice?

I pondered for a while

A calm soothing breeze  flowing throughout

This is my Mom’s voice without any doubt

Every word touched my core

This tune I heard before

I smiled I laughed I cried for a while

I couldn’t stop but sing for a while

Everything around me just became a blur

Because this is the Lullaby I heard before,

This is the Lullaby I heard before…

©Draven Reign
Picture Credit:-123rf.com

Light of Truth

Looking at that light
Imagined that Moment
of the beginning….
Before the birth of Light, Matter & Time
Void space shrouded with darkness
That moment of the timeless dimension
When became the dimension of time,
The illusory reality
Superseded with conscious reality.
That moment of expansion
From singularity to the plurality
The truth of randomness
Gave birth to, the truth of pattern.
From that darkness of nothingness
The nothingness of darkness
Came the Light.
Clearing darkness
Emitting the light of hope
Hope of a new beginning
There began
The Cosmos
There began
The life, finely tuned to live on
And began
The beginning of everything….
Imagining that Light
Realizing with awe
That Light of Enlightenment
The light Of the Universe
The light, that called Truth ……
©Draven Reign


Her quivering lips,
Twitching eyes,
Shivering body,
The solitary rain
   Enjoying every bit of it.
The liquid sunshine
   Slowly rushing down
   From the temples
   Towards the cheeks
   Vanishing on her shoulder.
A caviled gaze she gave
Moist wet drenched
in all her emotions.
The rain is silent
No more! she asked
She opened her arms
Now, no more ruse
Small drops clasped with chilled wind fell
 and her smile continued.
©Draven Reign