Thousands of words
Buried under your spells-
Trying to escape,
Trying to make meaning.
But the songs couldn’t be sung
Symphonies couldn’t be created
Just because
All are caught up in your cacophony.
Pressed under the reeds of the piano,
Tunes are suppressed,
Rhythms are bewitched.
Please set them free,
Please spare them!
Let the freedom ring
Let the rhythms have its blues
Let the songs be sung
Let the symphonies be created.
©Draven Reign


I wish I could be a patriot
Just like Nathuram
Kill all those,
who talk about love and equality
Kill those Mahatmas,
who fast to save people
It would be then easy for me
fight for the nation
Protect my nation
from outsiders and insiders,
who love the people across the border.
I wish I could be a patriot
Just like Nathuram
Shoot the bullet on their chest
One for love,
one for equality
one for fraternity.
My nation is my first priority
I will kill all the population
If, they will not love my country
Not food, not house, not cloth
But the love for my country supersedes everything.
I might die out of hunger on roadside naked
But I will die peacefully
if there is at least one person
Who truly love my country and that is me.
I wish I could.
©Draven Reign
Picture Credit:- Medium


Word of war
Loved and understood by few
Indiscriminate killing occurs
Whether its black or Jew.
Death it suffers
So suffers the living
Loved one die here
On the expense of a few thriving.
Who wins in a war?
Who loses it?
Does it matter at all
When the innocent wiped by it.
A soldier dies
So does his family
But here the warmongers
Play politics so happily.
Are we so foolish?
Are we so blind?
Want to end the world
So our fellow mankind.
There is always a conflict
A reason to fight
War begets a war
But Love restores humanity.
Let’s stop this cacophony
This hate speech of war
This is not funny
This is just bloody war.
©Draven Reign
Picture Credit:-Telegraph India


When you stand with me
In that night
I saw the moon
Alone in that vast sky
Covered by clouds
Still bright
Spreading light
Falling on me
Enthralled that I am
Again and again
I stared
I saw
The Moon
In that night
As glorious
As beautiful
As bright
In that moonlit night
©Draven Reign